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Sol Selects Honey Oil contains pure C02 extract cannabis Oil. Versatile, simple, it makes cooking, vaporizing and using topically that much better. offers full gram sizes in glass jars.

Pure Natural Cannabis,
Zero PG & Zero VG,
Pesticide Free,
Solvent Free,
Gluten Free,
Mold Free,
Wax Free,
Tar Free.

Pacific Mango: 
Heavy Hitting! 

This Indica strain is a heavy hitter. With a very High concentration of Myrcene, This strain delivers a "Couch-Lock" effect with the ability to provide fast pain relief. 

"XXX" Strength

Mega amounts of Myrcene, followed by selected amount of Citral, Geraniol and D-Limonene make Trixxx the perfect evening mix! Myrcene causes a "couch-lock" effect while Citral and Geraniol synergistically help with nausea and stress

Pink Lemonade :

This Hybrid strain is great for pain!
Equal concentrations of Myrcene and D-Limonene, acts as an antidepressant with a very clear, uplifting and focused high. Linalool provides added sedative effects and pain relief.

Banana split:

As a Sativa dominant hybrid, the concentrations D-Limonene followed by Myrcene and Pinene provide a synergistic focus formulation.This cognitive aid has the ability to provide heavy pain and stress relief with an elevated state of mind.


A bright, energetic Sativa strain. B-Caryophyllene and D-Limonene team up to provide anti-inflammatory and gastro-protective properties. Terpinolene pairs functional anti-fungal and antibacterial support with mouth watering flavor.
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