Magic Pipe Premium Cartridge
Magic Pipe Premium Cartridge

Magic Pipe Premium Cartridge

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0.5g Hybrid (Coconut)
0.5g Indica (SFV)
0.5g Hybrid (Sour Skittles)
0.5g Indica (Skywalker)
0.5g Hybrid (Girl Scout Cookie)
0.5g Hybrid (Pineapple)
1g Sativa (Tangie OG)
1g Hybrid (Coconut)
1g Indica (SFV)
1g Indica (Skywalker)
1g Hybrid (Girl Scout Cookie)
1g Sativa (Sour Diesel)
1g Hybrid (Fruit Punch)
1g Hybrid (Watermelon)
0.5g (Hybrid) Watermelon
0.5g Sativa (Sour Diesel)
0.5g Sativa (Jack Herer)
0.5g Hybrid (Sour Apple)
0.5g Hybrid (Fruit Punch)
0.5g (Indica) SFV OG
1g Hybrid (Black Cherry)
  • The most precise and supercritical extractions without BHO
  • Molecular distillation
  • Proprietary Winterization and Filtration
  • All natural blend

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